Project CADI

Computer Aided Dashboard Instrumentation

Where it all began

Inspired by everything from Star Trek to the Tesla car, I’ve embarked on a journey to transform my truck from mundane to something that is more than meets the eye. Ever since I was old enough to drive, I’ve dreamed of having a car with a computerized dashboard, but it seemed out of reach until recently. With the advent of affordable tiny embedded computers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi I was finally ready to make this a reality. I wanted a system that could grow with my dreams, so I created CADI, an open source Computer Aided Dashboard Instrumentation system.

Hands Free Calling

I’m hoping to be able to activate the hands-free protocols on Bluetooth to allow conversations through the car speakers.

Music Playback

I don’t just want to play music, I plan to show song info and allow playback control over Bluetooth with audio through the car speakers.

Environmental Control

Automated A/C Control based on outside (and inside) temperatures, with support for headed seats


Support for radio tuning with tuner

CAN bus

CAN bus integration to support virtual engine gauges and other diagnostics and integrations

Remote Locks

Replace my keyless entry with a fob I can customize

Remote Start

App or Secure key-fob based remote start functions would be awesome

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